Arctic people concerned for the future

A new study shows that the indigenous peoples in the Arctic are very uncertain of what the future will bring, in particular, job and business opportunities. The quality of life of the indigenous peoples relies heavily on their faith in the future, the research shows.

Press release: Common Arctic search and rescue service agreed

An Arctic search and rescue (SAR) agreement was signed today in Nuuk by the Member States of the Arctic Council. This was the first legally binding agreement signed in the 15-year history of the Arctic Council

Address Kuupik Kleist Arctic Council 7 Meeting 2011

By Premier of Greenland, Kuupik Kleist. On behalf of Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland
12. 05. 2011

Open letter sent to the Foreign Ministers of Canada, U.S., Norway, Denmark, Greenland and Russia

We are writing in the lead up to the Arctic Council Ministerial meeting in Nuuk, Greenland May 12 2011, to express our serious concerns and opposition to the pursuit of offshore drilling in the Arctic
11. 05. 2011

Resource Development Principles in Inuit Nunaat

Inuit leaders from Chukotka (Russia), Alaska (US), Canada and Greenland met in Ottawa in February to discuss the issues of Oil and Gas Exploration and Exploitation in the Arctic, Mining and Impact Assessments.
09. 05. 2011

Climate change – it’s about the people

Living conditions and economic development in the face of climate change are the challenges the Arctic Council needs to deal with, Greenland’s premier says
09. 05. 2011

Tight security during Arctic summit

Terrorism threat levels remain “serious” as Arctic foreign ministers gather in Nuuk
09. 05. 2011

New Arctic strategy to be presented in Nuuk

As climate scientists paint an increasingly dire picture of global warming, it has begun to sink in with lawmakers that slowing the development requires immediate action
09. 05. 2011

Participants in Arctic Council Nuuk Ministerial

The smallest delegations have as few as six members, the largest up to 25